• Stop carrying around business cards that end up forgotten or in the trash

  • Wow your contacts with a digital experience separating you from the competition out of the gate

  • Include content that goes far beyond any business card ever has

  • Email/SMS integration begins the communication with your contact submissions for you

  • Fully customizable options

  • ...and so much more

I've seen enough. I need this.

I'd like someone to do this for me.

Seen enough already?

Do people even carry business cards anymore? Have you ever been in public and asked for a business card? Do you go to trade shows and hate dealing with printed business cards, both carrying them around and collecting others?

Many professionals are using LinkTree or similar services. The problem with those services is that they are not "captive", someone has to take multiple manual and voluntary actions to get them into your CRM (aka the mousetrap).

SMS Optin DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD is a SIMPLE business SMS messaging service that allows your prospects, leads, customers, partners, or anyone to send a simple phrase to your business phone number. The system then automatically responds with a message asking the recipient to take further action, kind of like qualifying them through your sales process without having to lift a finger.

For a live sample - send the phrase SMS to 734-371-8411

  1. How does it work?

  1. You invite users to send a phrase, number, or code to your business number. You can combine this with print (traditional business cards, flyers, direct mail, social ads, newspaper/print ads, etc.) for POWERFUL lead capture or relationship building. You can even create a QR code to draft the message on the receiver's phone.

  2. Once the phrase is received at the number, with our tools you complete ONE FORM ONE TIME and your SMS auto-responder works like magic, on auto-pilot and will respond with your business cards, a message, and a link to a webpage of your choosing.

  3. If the person continues on and fills out a form on the page you have given them, they have just further qualified themselves. You can have a calendar for booking appointments, for, products for sales, blog article or ANYTHING you want in the SMS response.




Traditional business cards are one-way marketing. You hand them out and hope the person contacts you. Unless you've exchanged cards, you're entirely at the mercy of their memory & continued interest. SMS Opt-in captures the contact and their interest IMMEDIATELY and you make an incredible "wow-factor" impact!



Typically you have to send someone to your website via spoken URL or a QR code. This simple, fully customizable offer is on it's own funnel page. Attract the contacts you want, then send them directly to the offer that interested them and add them to your CRM at the same time.



You can have a calendar for booking appointments, for, products for sales, blog article or ANYTHING you want in the SMS response. The capabilities of the CRM are at your fingertips and NO DATA ENTRY OR REMEMBERING WHO YOU MET!



You can link to any page on your website, including your ecommerce platform. Imagine being at an event, promoting your products and services and being able to close sales RIGHT AWAY. The possibilities and capabilities are endless.

The SMS Opt-in words GREAT for trade shows, school events, sporting events, fundraisers, churches, community service bulletins, Chambers of Commerce, business associations and SO MUCH MORE.

It's great for real estate signage, real estate investors, coupons for retail stores and the list goes on and on.

By now you're probably thinking...

Yes, this is what I need. Or at least I think it is. What do I do now?

If you're unsure if you're ready to buy, lick the button to the left and schedule a free call with us to go over your questions. Don't worry, we won't take up much time and it isn't a trick to get you to purchase other things. The product is all about efficiency, and so is the call. The only real risk involved is what happens when you don't evolve. Let's get your digital business card working harder for you, instead of you working harder in your networking!


In a world where Voice and SMS compliance are rising to the forefront in addition to the FCC and states cracking down on businesses that violate spam laws, YOUR SMS OPTIN IS 100% COMPLIANT WITH ALL VOICE AND SMS REGULATIONS!



Customize Branding, Welcome Message &Instructions

Include logo, images and text to help welcome and walk through your form's unique purpose


Multiple Form Field Options Tailored to Recreate Your Existing PDF Form

You'll only gain functionality by moving your form process into this decade, not lose form fields.


Address Questions/Provide Comprehensive Instructions

Spend less time fielding questions in calls or emails by providing an FAQ section that expands with appropriate text.


Custom Graphics & Automation Add-Ons Available

One-stop shopping for industry-leading customizations. Let your form better represent your brand with use of custom high res images and vector graphics. Add function tailored just for you with custom programmatical build options.


Add a Product & Checkout or Link to Your Ecommerce Store

Your digital PDF can include a one-step product purchase right in the form! Or you can choose to link to your online store for more product purchase options. Watch online sales grow by this one feature!


Automatically Add to Contact List & Communicate Via SMS & Email

Anyone submitting your form will be automatically added to the CRM and the system begins communication for you! Fully customizable text and email wording let's you control the conversation!

Stop expensive redesigns and reprints every time you update your form!

Your digital PDF is fully editable at all times which means no more confusion over outdated versions. Your PDF evolves with you at little to no cost. That alone is reason enough to...

Questions if PDF to Digital is right for you?

It's a no-brainer, really, but we thoroughly research purchases too. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the product.

How do I turn my PDF to Digital?

It couldn't be easier. Click the "Book Call" button and we'll contact you for a brief project and process overview to discuss the design, function and content of your PDF.

FAQ image

What if I need additional functionality?

Our team is skilled in programming, developing and design. In the form example used on this page, we were tasked to build a custom ID numbering system that provides a unique number to each donor who submits a form. This number is generated automatically and texted to each donor that they can then use to track donations and the organization can use to better reconcile woocommerce orders coming from the form into their website. We're solutions if you the question is, "Can it?" the answer is always, "Yes. Let's figure out what solution best suits you."

FAQ image

Which CRM does PDF to Digital Use?

PDF to Digital was designed to work seamlessly in your Go HighLevel CRM. If you are using an alternative CRM, contact us about modifying and integrating your digital PDF with you system.

FAQ image

What if I don't have a CRM?

Let's talk! In the digital age, there is no good reason to be doing anything but streamlining your systems and processes. Gone are the days when a web presence and some duct-taped digital solutions were the only affordable option. Or maybe it was never a matter of cost at all but your business grew over time and you added a new system each time you needed it (you know who you are--you have to sign into multiple systems that all do different things). Give us a call and learn how you can simplify and improve your process to SAVE PRECIOUS TIME AND MONEY. Can the thought of switching everything to a new system seem overwhelming? Yes, absolutely. We understand and that's why we offer the level of detailed service we do. Don't be intimidated by an imaginary high price tag and another new technology to learn. It's reasonably priced AND we don't just throw it on you and say, "Go." From hand-holding to training to strategic development: WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED.

FAQ image

What if my PDF is outdated and needs work before it goes digital?

No problem, just indicate on the form that you need anything from minor revisions to a complete overhaul. We will contact you via your preferred method of communication to schedule a brief content call if you select this option.

There are situations where you may will still need to have a downloadable/print option for your PDF, too. If after seeing the new functionality of your digital PDF you realize your current paper version needs work, feel free to contact us to speak with a designer.

FAQ image

By now your probably thinking,

Yes, this is what I need. At least I think so. What do I do now?

Tap the button below and schedule a free call with us to go over your process and give you a custom-tailored outline. Don't worry, we won't take up much time and it isn't a trick to get you to purchase other things. The product is all about efficiency, and so is the call. The only real risk involved is what happens when you don't evolve. Let's get your process working harder for you, instead of you working harder in your form process.